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Stave1, Feb 14, 14 5:46 PM.

Hello Mates

I want to suggest you, the new Ground Duty Officers on your Characters. Actually there many, many new Doff`s with Powerfull Powers available and for the Moment, you can obtain those for "Cheap" on the Exchange!


I suggest, to not wait longer because they go up in Price Day by Day!


It is not important to buy the Purple ones because they are expensive. the blue ones are enough. But if you lucky and find one in Purple Quality for under 1 Million, buy it!


You will see, that you can use, depending on wich (Spire or Romulan) Kit you use the following Ultra Rare Duty Officers.


Recommended for Tacticals are: (recommended for any Tactical Kit)

-Security Doff which give change to Beam down more Securitys.

-Sensor Officer: Target Optics debuffs enemy Damage Resistance.


Recommended with the Spire Operative Kit:

- Armory Officer: Increase the Duration of Damage Boost after decloaking

-Assault Off.: Chance to Apply a hold when using Lunge

-Security Off.: Using Ambush causes your next Attack to deal double Damage a a DoT over 12 Seconds

-Biochemist: Recharge time reduced on all Stins, Shield Charges and Power Cells.


in conjunction with the T3 Spire Squad Leader Kit recommended:

-Assault Off.: gives Extra Team Heal and Rez on Rally Cry.

-Armory: Double Change to Expose Target (Vaporize)

- Assault Off.: Chance to reduce cooldown on Granades


And for users of Melee Kit and Weapons i recommend especially:

-Security Doff: Increase the Melee Crit chances and Severity.


For Sciences i suggest:

If you using Damage Kit (Sience Spire Physicist)

Slot the following:
MUST HAVE-  Explosive Expert: Chance for Exothermic Induction Field to fire Projectiles.

Geologist: Chance to reduce cooldown for Exothermic Ind. Field and Hyperonic Radiation( x2)

Geologist: Chance to create a Phasic instability on use of Electric Gravity Field, which draws Enemies toward it.

Biochemist: Adds a Rooted effect to Sonic Pulse.

Biochemist: Biochemist: Recharge time reduced on all Stins, Shield Charges and Power Cells ( your only heal is a Hypo from your Inventory, so look to slot this Doff!)


If you using the Romulan Embassy Kit Xenobiologist:

Biologist: Increases the duration of Anesthezine Gas and Tricorder Scan (x2 if possible)

Counselor: gives a Will Power buff when Science Buff or Heal is used

Doctor: On use of Medical Tricorder or Vascular Regen., chance to increase your max hit points.


If you play as Medic use Medic Kit or (Borg Medical Analyzer if you have one)

Biochemist: Chance for Nanite health Monitor to have additional charges

Doctor: On use of Medical Tricorder or Vascular Regen., chance to increase your max hit points.

Doctor: Chance to trigger an additional smal heal when using Triage or Med. Tricorder.

Counselor: gives a Will Power buff when Science Buff or Heal is used


For an Engineer i suggest

If you wear the (Romulan) Fabrication Kit:

-Armory: Chance to beam in add. Turret

-Fabrication Eng: Chance to beam add. Support Drone

-Explosive: Chance to beam in add. Mortar


if wearing Spire Enemy neutralization

-Explosive Expert: Chance to disable Weapons with Chroniton Mines or Security Doff which gives a chance to hold targets in place if stick in chroniton Mines.

-Hazard System Off.: Your Fuse Armor has a chance to deal doubled Damage

-Damage contrl. Doff: Adds Electrical Damage to Weapons Malfunction


For Team Supporter Kit Force Field Dome is good to have a Shield Distribution Doff: Force Field Dome has a chance to knock nearby Enemies prone

Quartermaster; Causes Cover Shield to give a Resistance Buff to nearby allies

A Quartermaster which gives a Recharge Time reduce on all Stims, Shield Charges and Power Cells is suitable on any Kit by an Engineer. You will need em for cd reduction if using Hypos!


Stave1, Nov 17, 13 5:36 AM.
Kitakste sto Gallery to  Dyson Shop Gear pou ekana post apo to Tribble.
Kai to Link gia toDyson Space Set.
H Konsoles pantos ine gamates!!!

Nees Consoles kai Fleet Gear

Stave1, Jun 14, 13 5:29 AM.
Fleet Consoles kai Fleeet/Embassy Gear.

Edo ewala to Link na dite ti akriwos iparchi.



Stave1, May 16, 13 12:53 PM.
Simera pou wrika tin Opa, logou tou Maintenance, postara ta wasika Builds sto Site mas. Tha ta write sto "Ship Builds".

Episis na sas doso to (ta Link) tis Archikis Selidas woithias tou Pechnidiou mas. Eki tha write ektos apo ola ta Skafi, Lista me tous Yparchon Doffs, Opla... kai Mission Guides, Odigies pos farmaroume Dilithium, pos mazevoume grigora Chrima (EC) k.l. k.l.

Kante lipon oli ena Klick stin Archiki Selida kai apothikefste tin ston Browser sas kai oti aporia echete kai psachnete, prota eki tha pate na psaksete.


LaFamilia Podcast:
F2P PvP, Ship Builds, Settings, Guides and more

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HawkGR, Apr 11, 13 3:41 AM.
ola ta nea gia to STO news
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